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[문화행사] 8월

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1. 3rd ACM International Conference on Intercultural Collaboration ICIC 2010

The International Conference on Intercultural Collaboration (ICIC) was held in 2007 and in 2009 as the International Workshop on Intercultural Collaboration (IWIC). Because of the success of these workshops and the increasing interest in intercultural collaboration, its status was elevated to a conference for 2010. The main theme of this conference is intercultural collaboration, from both technical and socio-cultural perspectives. Topics will include collaboration support (such as natural language processing, Web, and Internet technologies), social psychological analyses of intercultural interaction, and case studies from activists working to increase mutual understanding in our multicultural world.

일시/장소 :   2010.08.18-20, Denmark

Homepage : http://langrid.nict.go.jp/icic2010/index.html

2. 베를린 가전/멀티미디어 전 – IFA 2010

CE 분야의 빠른 변화에 발 맞춰 나가고 있는 IFA는 비지니스 거래가 역동적으로 이루어져 높은 성과를 기록하여 이상적인 세일즈플랫폼으로 자리 잡고 있습니다.  2008년 40여개국 1,049개사가 출품, 약212,000여명이 참관 하였으며 25억유로 이상의 계약이 이루어져 유럽최대의 CE 전문박람회로 평가받고 있습니다. 세계최대의 트렌드세터로 부상한 IFA는 최신의 CE 시장을 보여주며 혁신의 트렌드를 선보일 것 입니다.

일시/장소 :   2010.09.03-10, Berlin International Convention Center

Homepage : http://www.ifa-berlin.de