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[공모전] 10월

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1. International Design Award 2011

The International Design Award 2011 is looking for furniture concepts and systems as well as interior designs that best meet the requirements of this future.

기간/주관: 2010.10.01-2011.01.31, Hettich & Rehau AG+ Co.

Homepage: http://www.internationaldesignaward.com

2. 2010 익산 문화콘텐츠 스토리텔링 공모전

익산에 숨 쉬고 있는 다양한 문화 원형의 소재를 공연 ? 영상 콘텐츠로 거듭나게 할 수 있는
이야기 창작물을 공모합니다.

기간/주관: 2010.09.20-11.26, (재) 익산문화재단

Homepage: http://www.iscf.or.kr

3. 3D Design Challenge for Students

PAVE the Way, a 3D Design Challenge is an exciting opportunity available for students to showcase their work at a major industry event, GlobalShop 2011. College students who are enrolled in accredited store design, interior design, visual merchandising, and industrial design programs are invited to design a 3D floor fixture for this competition, which is sponsored and presented by B&N Industries.

기간/주관: 2010.09.30-11.09, PAVE

Homepage: http://www.paveinfo.org/PAVEtheWay/PAVEWay_2011.cfm