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[공모전] 11월

As wireless and mobile networking becomes ubiquitous, security and privacy gains in importance. The focus of ACM Conference on Wireless Network Security (ACM WiSec) is on exploring attacks on (and threats facing) wireless communication as well as techniques to address them. Settings of interest include: cellular, metropolitan, mesh, local-area, personal-area, home, vehicular, sensor, ad hoc, satellite, and underwater networks as well as cognitive radio and RFID.

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[공모전] 10월

PAVE the Way, a 3D Design Challenge is an exciting opportunity available for students to showcase their work at a major industry event, GlobalShop 2011. College students who are enrolled in accredited store design, interior design, visual merchandising, and industrial design programs are invited to design a 3D floor fixture for this competition, which is sponsored and presented by B&N Industries.

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[공모전] 9월

국민과 기업을 섬기며 대한민국의 풍요로운 미래를 선도하는 지식경제부의 이미지가 함축된 캐릭터 디자인과 실물경제의 확실한 회복과 녹색성장, 신성장동력을 기반으로 미래를 선도한다는 지식경제부의 의지가 담긴 슬로건을 만들어주세요. 국민 여러분이 만든 엣지 있는 캐릭터와 톡톡튀는 슬로건이 지식경제부를 대표합니다.